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Welcome to the forefront of deep tech, where communities are shaping the future by building, funding, and propelling emerging technologies to the market. Deep tech is the driving force behind transformative innovations that tackle societal and environmental challenges, revolutionizing everyday life. Now, you have the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking movement.

What is Deep Tech?

Deep tech refers to novel technology rooted in substantial scientific or engineering challenges. These innovations are born out of rigorous research and development efforts, often taking years to refine. By addressing critical issues, deep tech has the power to create new markets or disrupt existing ones. Fields such as advanced materials, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, robotics, and quantum computing are just a glimpse of the expansive possibilities within deep tech.

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Embark on a journey to preview the future with the most advanced deep tech applications across various fields. Explore synthetic biology, quantum technologies, neurobiology, cellular agriculture, autonomous driving, and countless other frontiers. Gain a deep understanding of the impact of deep tech on our world and the future of humanity. How can deep tech contribute to combating climate change? How can we ensure that research has a positive impact? Discover how emerging technologies align with the Sustainable Development Goals and learn how they can be harnessed to address global challenges. Connect with experts and fellow enthusiasts to share best practices for building an effective deep tech ecosystem. Gain insights into tech transfer practices, delve into the world of deep tech entrepreneurship, and uncover the secrets to successful industrialization collaborations.

Spark Business Connections

At the heart of our community lies the invaluable opportunity to forge meaningful connections with key players in the deep tech ecosystem. Engage with entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, researchers, incubators & accelerators, and public authorities who are shaping the future of deep tech. Our tailor-made formats ensure easy access to a diverse array of players, enabling you to connect with startups, investors, corporates, incubators, service providers, and more. Foster lasting relationships within your community through informal formats such as breakfasts, cocktails, and other engaging events.

The 404-DeepTech Alliance Powered by: Scaleup Lab

The 404-DeepTech Alliance is committed to supporting deep tech startups with high growth potential and international ambition. Our goal is to ensure that these startups receive the best possible assistance on their journey to success. By providing access to dedicated programs, market validation, funding opportunities, and timely support, we empower deep tech startups to enter the market faster and more efficiently. Benefit from matchmaking with potential corporate partners, expert workshops on international business development and partnerships, 1:1 mentoring and business coaching, local support in new markets, investor exposure, and a robust peer network comprising a select group of Industry 4.0 startup founders.

Deep-Tech Meetup Mentoring Session

As part of our commitment to your growth, we offer a unique Deep-Tech Meetup Mentoring Session. Engage with seasoned mentors who will provide invaluable feedback and support to help you achieve key milestones before your next fundraising round. Our TRL (Technology Readiness Level) framework serves as a guide to understanding your venture’s maturity level and investor expectations. Mentors will be pre-assigned to companies, allowing for focused discussions and personalized guidance. Each company will have the opportunity to pitch their vision, present their TRL level, outline important milestones, and discuss their strategies for achievement. Through small group formats, mentors will provide feedback, identify gaps in understanding, and help companies level up to meet investor expectations.

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Don’t miss the chance to join the vibrant community that is shaping the future through deep tech. Expand your knowledge, establish valuable connections, and unlock the potential of your deep tech venture. Together, we can revolutionize industries, address global challenges, and propel humanity into a brighter future.