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Deep Tech Defined

Tailored for Scientists, Engineers, and Deep Tech startups, our weekly startup curriculum includes sessions on core business and product development concepts, VIP speakers, skill development workshops, go-to-market, scaling, and shared learning. Once your internal startup is ready to go to the market, you will need innovative methods to evaluate the success of early-stage business development, growth hacking, and valuable client research services to take your first steps in the market. you will also learn how to manage and strategically scale up: partner up, build, acquire, spin-in, and spin-out, etc.

The ScaleUp Lab was designed with the notion that incredible technology is created in our ecosystems, universities, and corporations. Most of it never has a chance to make it to customers, regardless of sector, including government and commercial. The ScaleUp Lab and Mentor Studio solve both of these problems by finding hidden technological gems in organizations across our ecosystem and state, pairing them with experts to help their new venture and experience entrepreneurship in a low-risk environment.

Science entrepreneurs struggle to find their footing in today’s innovation system, even though their innovations may address society’s most pressing needs. our goal is to keep them in the game, focused on maturing their ideas into transformative products and business. Our 6-month cohort-based program gives startups the resources and education to expedite their growth within a specific market.

We eagerly anticipate engaging with developing startups that are just tapping into commercialization, leveraging from a new technology or scientific discovery, and responding to unanswered industrial, environmental, or social needs.

Deep Tech Focus Areas

  • Industrial Biotech
  • Mobility
  • Biotech
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart City
  • Energy
  • Digital Health & Medical Devices
  • Cybersecurity & Communication
  • Advanced Supply Chain
  • Robotics
  • Circular Economy
  • Space Technology

Application to Join the ScaleUp Lab

ScaleUp Lab + Mentor Studio