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Deep Tech Defined

The advancement of “deep” technologies transcends the standard upgrades of current digital applications and system platforms. Deep tech, as it is most commonly known, is a technological game changer poised to push the boundaries of technology and science. These rich and robust innovations not only disrupt the space in which they thrive but also instruct frontiers-people who are eager to design, secure, replicate, and extend into almost every perceivable ecosystem. 

Deep tech innovations inspire remarkable, pivotal shifts resulting from megatrends, including but not limited to climate change, social evolution, and populations expansion. This universally includes scientific advancement, such as immune system discoveries (e.g., CRISPR-Cas microbial adaptive immune system), which have a significant impact across all industries.

ScaleUp Lab offers revolutionary content that enables startups to commercialize technologies, attract investment, and move from search to scale. Mentor Studio establishes a mentor pool with systematic mentoring procedures to boost startups through scale-up and successful market launch. These combined efforts will become the new standard for moving high-potential ventures from incubation to acceleration to market penetration. It contains the vital blocking and tackling that startups need to advance beyond a business model canvas and product-market fit. 

You will benefit from an astute mentor with expertise in customer development, experiment design, and business modeling. A collaborative advisor with sound knowledge for spotting gaps in the market, coming up with non-obvious solutions, and translation solutions into testable assumptions.

There are several transition weeks with Mentor Studio modules and ScaleUp Lab, running parallel to each other. The overall program is divided into eighteen modules, six of which are core modules that reflect a typical startup process. Modules range from 1-3 weeks in length, each with a lead ATDC Mentor with relevant expertise. Regular involvement from faculty subject matter experts (SMEs) ensures continuity and progress every week. 

At the end of each module, teams, entrepreneurs, and students will receive performance feedback, and module assessments will be incorporated into a start-to-date view.

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ScaleUp Lab + Mentor Studio