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Research-to-Market Academic Program
Research-to-Market is a 3-week program that teaches scientists, engineering, inventors, and research faculty the process of customer discovery and how to find a market for their technology by getting out of the lab. Research-to-Market leverages the Scale Up Lab process and commercialization canvas methodologies designed explicitly for university researchers commercializing their inventions.

The program consists of:

  • Two-day virtual workshops
  • Three days of 2-hour webinars
  • Team presentations and instructor office hours
  • 30 interviews done virtually in a target industry
  • Meeting and building connections with industry experts and mentors

Four Project Phases:

Identify Solution & Identify Projects
Bioengineering engages clinical innovators to identify, develop, and solve critical clinical problems and advance those solutions towards commercialization. Industry provides feedback regarding commercial viability of the project.
Develop Profiles for Feasibility
ScaleUp Lab will develop product profiles of the top projects to include regulatory assessments and a comprehensive market analysis. The product profiles will be provided to the advisory panel, comprised of industry experts, which will recommend projects to advance to Phase 2.
De-Risk Innovations
Multi-disciplinary teams will be formed to de-risk innovations from both a technical and commercial perspective. Funding supports Fellowships, technology development and a Professor of Practice to create the foundation for a potential startup.
Assess Pathway for Innovation
The advisory panel of industry experts, in conjunction with the Professor of Practice, will determine which one of four pathways the project will take: 1) Form a startup, 2) Further de-risk technology, 3) Out-license technology, 4) Discontinue project.

In a Nutshell

  • The Life Sciences program addresses the individual needs of each startup with the help of expert mentors who guide the development and execution of a market entry strategy.
  • A dedicated program for life science startups working on diagnostics, digital health, medical devices, therapeutics, and platform technologies.
  • The program’s work streams and timelines are customized to meet your company’s most essential challenges and needs.

What You Will Work On

  • Creating a viable roadmap for expansion by understanding and developing your target and beachhead markets, business model and fundraising strategy.
  • Identifying and strengthening your value proposition for the local market through customer discovery
  • Optimizing your clinical, regulatory and reimbursement strategy.
  • Executing market access plans with guidance from mentors and partners.
  • Identifying and facilitating partnerships and exit scenarios.

GET INVOLVED With the MedTech Center of Excellence

The ScaleUp Lab is a diverse network of experts that helps diagnostic, device, health technology, and Life Science companies accelerate through an inflection point of growth. Our core differentiator at BioInnovation Lab is our network. We’ve assembled an all-star team of industry experts, influential business leaders, investors, and a peer network of entrepreneurs that we leverage to support each new class.

We welcome additions to our expert network:
  • Corporate Partner Sponsors: Corporations that recognize the value of working with our expert network of advisors, and entrepreneurs commercializing new drug, delivery, and diagnostic technologies.
  • Event and Workshop Sponsors: Law firms, accounting firms, and banks can boost brand visibility and build relationships early on with companies on the fast track.
  • Investors: Investors get early access to applicants and selected companies as a qualified source of additional deal flow.
  • Industry Experts and SME Mentors: Industry experts and advisors can become a part of our curated expert network.
  • Pipeline Partner: Entrepreneurial and sector-focused business organizations, startup accelerators, angel networks and other groups can get priority review for their entrepreneurs.