Enterprise Innovation Institute


Focus on issues form your customer's perspective

ScaleUp lab provides keen insight into the customer perspective by focusing on the full customer experience. This starts with identifying problems, and then selecting and validating data for B2B and B2C initiatives, such as insight analysis.

Unconventional, yet effective Design Sprints

Our design sprints approach is quite unique, as we have enhanced and tailored our tools and techniques for building to scale.

Industry-specific content

Interactive online modules with customized cases inspire engagement and aid in retention of core concepts.

Fast and efficient proof for gauging progress

This explorative methodology allows you to quickly isolate problems and enlist customer buy-in. Rapid prototyping and interviews, using a small focus group, are a cost-effective process that helps with validating progress as soon as possible.

New business model prospects

View existing experiments to see which align with your business model. Learn how to design digital experiments and develop validation plans.

Business model analysis

Participants will learn how to understand the nuance of business models or ecosystems by analyzing other industries and researching revenue models that best align with your overall strategy.

Full-circle validation of final concepts

Our Deep Tech Coaches offer comprehensive knowledge and vast experience to help large organizations in various industries across the globe to basically innovate like startups. Their unique and proven expertise in design thinking strategies and Lean Startup helps pinpoint and validate your innovations to ensure the right, quality fit.

"Intra"preneurial leaders

Participants learn how to effectively introduce new business by testing business concepts using entrepreneurial tools and a structured format for designing market-ready solutions.

Become a learning organization

Learn how to leverage new business ideas with little risk and then incorporate into best practice solutions and sustenance learning.